Web Design / Setup Fees.
eTyphoon.com is now offering heavily discounted setup fees for our clients. Our new pricing structure makes it extremely easy for small businesses and home users to set up their own online store.

Design Type Merchant SSL Setup Cost
Basic Website Design Shared Basic $395.00
Intermediate Website Design Authorize.net Basic $895.00
Advanced Website Design Authorize.net Upgraded $1,495.00

Hosting Plans.
Your eTyphoon.com Commerce Engine hosting can be configured to run in a shared server farm, or as a stand alone entity on a dedicated server. The following shared hosting plans are available:

Products Categories Traffic Price/mo
500 20 0-500 Users Dialy $44.95/mo
5,000 100 0-1000 Users Daily $79.95/mo
10,000 250 0-5000 Users Daily $99.95/mo
25,000 500 0-10,000 Users Daily $149.95/mo

Please fill out our Custom Solution Form for a detailed quotation on dedicated hosting solutions.

NOTES: Our pricing structure is not based soley on bandwidth requirements. The shopping solution's load on the engine & database, along with the number of user sessions actively using your shopping solution play a major roll in calculating monthly cost.


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