The name eTyphoon speaks of the capabilities and speed of our commerce solution. Typhoons are by nature very powerful and very fast. When our customers choose eTyphoon to host their E-Commerce sites, they are choosing a powerful, technological storm that will serve them for years to come.

Kartware v1.0
The eTyphoon.com Shopping Engine started out as KartWare back in 1998. Our clients at the time needed an easy to use shopping solution that worked quickly and efficiently. The problem with KartWare was that all the shopping carts looked the same, the performance was a bit slow and we had no remote administration area. Everything had to be done manually on our end to setup the stores, categories and products.

eTyphoon v1.0
In late 1999, KartWare evolved into the eTyphoon.com Commerce Engine. A number of clients needed shopping solutions that were fully customizable and searchable at high speeds. They were also looking for a way to remotely manage the entire site - including colors, features, categories, products, orders, customers, coupons and featured items. The old KartWare was completely redesigned and rewritten from the ground up.

eTyphoon v2.0
Years later, the Internet was still advancing at a rapid pace! Hardware and software solutions were changing on a near monthly basis. The eTyphoon software and hardware was updated again to keep up with the times. Dedicated web & SQL servers were deployed to keep up with the pace. Our shopping solution is now able to breeze through thousands of daily purchases for our customers.

Our merger with Winter Park Studios, Inc. during this process was a natural evolution that allowed us to create an eye catching layout and robust code base that would last for years to come.

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